Looking for WINE

Hugh Foster Hugh.Foster at Servisair.com
Mon Apr 26 16:02:53 UTC 2004

Alexander Dalloz said:


Thanks very much.

>> P.S. Please DO NOT send HTML formatted and colored mails to the list.
And your disclaimer is just embarrassing: your mail is archived and
mirrored/copied. <<

I will try and remember to send in plaintext, but the default for my mail
client is HTM, as it is for many other people, and if I can cope with _your_
email (which came to me as an attachment inside an attachment to an empty
message), I don't see why you shouldn't forgive me my HTM. 

As for the disclaimer, it's a legal requirement for my position in my
company, I'm using the company email on company business, and there's
nothing I can do about it. Once again, I don't complain about being educated
as to what CPU your machine has in it, or how you see life as a planetarium;
that's fine by me. I decline to be embarrassed. 

Best regards, 

Hugh Foster 
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Servisair (UK) Ltd. 
hugh.foster at servisair.com 
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