Major help needed with desktop

Aaron Hughes hughesac at
Tue Apr 27 00:25:30 UTC 2004

jludwig wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 13:26, Mac wrote:
>>I was experimenting with the Desktop Tool and tried
>>the TWM desktop, so I thought.  I'm now unable to log
>>in and get either the Gnome or KDE desktop.  I'm stuck
>>in the TWM which is only the terminal window and I
>>have know idea what I'm doing there.  I know I could
>>create another login name but all my modifications are
>>in the original.
>>Is there ANYWAY of switching out of TWM into either of
>>the other two desktops from the terminal window and
>>make it stick when I reboot.
>>Thank you,
>>Edward J. McSheehy
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> If you cannot get either KDE or Gnome you killed something they need to
> execute.
> You have two or three basic choices from what I understand. 
> 1) Do an upgrade and hope to restore your desktops.
> 2) Save your data and reinstall.
> 3) Probably the best if you are able. Determine what is missing or
> corrupted by starting them in debug mode and reinstalling these
> packages.
> In any case you have a messy issue, so be prepared for some hard work.

You should try:

at the command line if you haven't.


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