Install Probem FC-1 Samsung Syncmaster 192n LCD monitor - Solved

Dave drn_temp2 at
Tue Apr 27 03:29:03 UTC 2004

Thanks to those who provided assistance: problem solved.

I performed a text based install.  After the install using the CTRL+ALT
minus or plus didn't work so something else was wrong.

I booted with Knoppix CD and mounted the drive with write permissions and
modified the XF86Config file.  The file did not have the right refresh rates
for the SyncMaster 192N monitor, the Syncronizations needed to be
Horizontal 30 - 81 (Was OK in the file)
Vertical     56 - 75 (was 56 - 85 in the file)

I also added the 1280x1024 resolution since I was there.

Everthing then worked fine, except a few other issues that I still have to
work out NIC, sound and a couple other things.

Thanks again

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