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Thanks, it is quite helpful...

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Am Do, den 22.04.2004 schrieb Chalonec Roger um 18:30:

> Alexander,
> Chuckle, chuckle... Not trying to be obscure at all and I do 
> appreciate your great assistance. For one thing I am simply not 
> exactly sure what I need to protect against and for another, I 
> sometimes have difficulty making the jump from Windowseese to 
> Ferdoraeese.  To complicate matters, I am not server person at all be 
> it Windows, Solaris, or Fedora, I am a data communications person 
> (routers, bridges, gateways, bits, ones and zeros).  Never the less, I 
> have been asked to set up an FTP server and thought this would be a 
> great opportunity to show my server colleagues what can be done 
> without using Microsoft or Solaris.  I think that Linux has its place 
> and want to demonstrate it.  The proof would be an operational service 
> with the idea that if a non-server person can do it then the server 
> experts surely can.  When I finish this server it will be turned over 
> to our Unix server experts, and hopefully with the Gnome GUI our 
> Microsoft server folks would also be able to run the servers, learn 
> from them, and consider Linux where it makes sense.  I know this is a 
> long message but I think other organization may be experiencing the 
> same problems in trying to get Linux accepted into the data center and 
> elsewhere.  Anyway, I am only running an FTP server and want to 
> protect against any viruses that might affect the Fedora server itself 
> and any that might affect my windows clients once they download the 
> files from the FTP server.
> I will definitely look at the link and thanks again
> Roger

Roger, that is much more informative in order to be a guidance :)

Although I must confess that I have no tip for a stand-by background anti-virus scanner on hand for your without researching the different products, I am very sure you can setup a very efficient solution on the Fedora basis to protect FTP hosted and delivered data for the clients. Using google I found a nice paper by one of the openantivirus authors collecting the different anti-virus product for Linux:

As you are now planing to set up some kind of test FTP server or at least a prototype you may not be able to gather money for a non-free anti-virus product. That would certainly be a limitation for experiments, though there are several products you can download for a trial period. For instance have a look at

F-Secure anti-virus has a high quality in fighting against virus and worms. And you can get an evaluation download from

Of course that is just a quick shot and no high recommendation. In general I would prefer a product which is not too much a closed system for its own, but an anti-virus product you can integrate into different systems and building your own customized scripts and tools around. That is one of the harder advantages of open sources systems, that you have not to be sticked with fix, bundled solutions but being able to pick up one tool and another one and build with them something which exactly fits the needs in your personal environment.

Hope that is a little help through the Linux wildlife ;)


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