Strange change in message language

Don Levey fedora-list at
Tue Apr 27 13:06:07 UTC 2004

fedora-list-bounces at wrote:
> Alexander wrote:
>> LC_ALL to be unset is normal and ok. Maybe you should just reboot.
>> You was not more specific about changes you did and undid. So
>> recheck all you did following an howto or documentation you used. I
>> do not understand why you had to change anything with LC_MESSAGES at
>> all. Few days ago I installed clamd and clamav-milter myself and all
>> was very straight and without any problem.
> I'll reboot when I get home tonight.  The only reason why I felt I
> needed to change the LC_MESSAGES was because I was getting errors
> that the file did not exist.  I'm a little vague on all the things I
> needed to do; eventually I ripped out everything by its roots and
> reinstalled.  Now clamav is still not working, but it's not working
> in a way that still allows all my mail (including virii) to go
> through.      
> Thanks,
>  -Don

Interestingly, rebooting had no effect.
Any other thoughts?

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