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Tue Apr 27 16:17:42 UTC 2004

Am Di, den 27.04.2004 schrieb michael furse um 16:35:

> Many thanks to everyone for their assistance. It's clear that the
> hardware as it stands won't support Fedora 9.0 on its own. For
> stand-alone PC's I'll have to use more memory or an older less demanding
> version (say Mandrake 8.2), and that if I want to use the workstations
> as they stand for the school, I'll need to go down the thin client
> route. 

Seems a good strategy. I think we all would like to share your
experiences then. Please feel free to mail your efforts and success to
this list. Of course asks for help too.
Btw. Fedora Core is preparing to become release version 2, in May ;)

> Alexander Dalloz - Thank you for pointing out in great detail where I
> have gone wrong. Whoever said that our German friends don't have a sense
> of humour? I have made this a very clean reply as I am not as much of an
> expert as you on netiquette. Perhaps you could give me some tips. 

google is full of hints regarding mailing list and usenet netiquette.
And just keep in mind that you have most of the information about your
situation on your side. Requesting help it will be only good and helpful
if the helpers know what your problem and demand is.

and more general by Eric S. Raymond

To prevent a possible misunderstanding: I do not intend to teach you, I
just answer your question and follow your request ;)

I answer you public because I feel it is of public interest. Other
discussions may be better off the list and by private mailing, if there
is need.

> M 
> Ps - I thought that it was gnothE seauton.

Both spellings are ok, it's just as with each translation from ancient
greek. See for instance
in contrast -> Page
12, Panel 2 :))

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