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Tue Apr 27 20:00:14 UTC 2004

well, if you're in charge, then could you kindly tell me where the isos
are?  the link on your site doesn't work, and a google for the iso name
turns up nothing but complaints about the iso being missing.


M. Fioretti said:
> On Tue, Apr 27, 2004 15:35:15 PM +0100, michael furse
> (michael.furse at wrote:
>> Many thanks to everyone for their assistance. It's clear that the
>> hardware as it stands won't support Fedora 9.0 on its own. For
>> stand-alone PC's I'll have to use more memory or an older less
>> demanding version (say Mandrake 8.2), and that if I want to use the
>> workstations as they stand for the school, I'll need to go down the
>> thin client route.
> As Rodolfo already pointed out, the RULE project (see my signature) is
> exactly meant to make old PCs run Red Hat, then Fedora when the "thin
> client route" is not possible.
> Granted, it is not as simple to use and well documented as we'd like it
> to be (yet), but we *are* working on this.
> Good luck,
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