recommending reiserfs?

neil neilcuk at
Wed Apr 28 09:33:34 UTC 2004

Florin Andrei wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 21:16, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:
>>In my first experience working with MySQL, we were recommended
>>to format that particular partition to Reiser for performance
>>reasons.  That's just my initial experience and I had to setup
>>four servers so far, will keep you posted...
>_In_theory_, for that type of workload (reading/writing fast to/from
>large files), probably XFS is best.
>But that's just the theory; you have to run benchmarks in your
>particular case and see what happens.
I haven't used ReiserFS in production. In practice it's supposed to do 
intelligent block management to maximise the capacity of your storage. 
For example - if you specify blocks of 4k and your files end up being 1k 
or smaller the ReiserFS system will still used the remaining space 
within each block - very cool indeed! whereas in the extended filesystem 
you would potentially loose 3/4 of your storage capacity if your file 
ended up being 1k or less. But read the links that have been posted and 
make sure you test/test/test :-)

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