3Com 3c2000 NIC support

Dave drn_temp2 at rogers.com
Wed Apr 28 11:27:47 UTC 2004

(Sorry if this is a duplicate post, the original seemed to have gone missing on me)

On my Asus K8V motherboard is a 3-Com 3c2000 NIC.  I have downloaded and compiled the Driver (as far as I can tell, new to this distro) but I am having problems getting it to load with the kernel and trying to configure it. The log file messages had some text relating to the startup of the driver but I cannot access the internet etc.

I followed the instructions to extract the tar, "make load" then "ifconfig eth0 up", but when I go to the network configuration utilities in FC1 I can't find the card or driver.  Nor can I figure out how to load it on boot.  The instructions talk about using "/etc/modules.conf file" or insmod .  Also as I cannot select the NIC I cannot tell if it is set to use DHCP.

>From the readme file
If your system is not configured for DHCP, you can assign an IP address
with the command:

 ifconfig eth0 a.b.c.d

Where a.b.c.d is the IP address that you wish to use.  Again, eth0 may
be different depending on your system configuration.  

Configuring the Driver 

    The 3C2000 driver supports various options, which can be supplied 
    as command line arguments to the 'insmod' command or in the 
    /etc/modules.conf file. You may specify more than one option.
    Unless otherwise stated, all settings take the form of:
     <Option-Name>=value [,value...]

    If you use the modules.conf file to load the driver at boot time, 
    include the word "options" when configuring the driver.

    For example:  
 options 3c2000 DupCap_A=Full
    If you use command line 'insmod', do not include the word "option"
    when configuring the driver. 

    For example: 
  insmod 3c2000.o DupCap_A=Full
  The following options are supported:

  OPTION: Speed_A
    Selects the speed of Port A of the NIC.  

 "Auto" - Automatic Resolution
 "10"   - 10MBPS
 "100"  - 100MBPS
 "1000" - 1GIG

  OPTION: DupCap_A
    Selects the duplex capabilities of Port A of the NIC.

 "Full"  - Full Duplex
 "Half"  - Half Duplex
 "Both" - Both Half Duplex & Full Duplex

I use an old computer with Smoothwall on it which provides the DHCP.

Anyone have some suggestions as to how to I can ge the network running on FC1, or if their is support for this card in FC3?  I saw reference in another list to users using a different driver but the proper one would be nice.

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