Taming the mailing lists?

Matt Hansen helios82 at optushome.com.au
Thu Apr 29 01:19:49 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 03:00, Elliot Lee wrote:
> If you feel that the Fedora mailing lists are becoming a little
> unmanageable or are not as valuable as they could be, would you take the
> time to e-mail me with your thoughts on the problem? (private e-mail is
> fine) If you think that there's no problem at all, hearing that opinion 
> would be useful too!

First, I am really happy with the content within these lists. There's so
many knowledgeable people willing to offer some really good
tips/tricks/advice/help. I learn something new every day here! :-)

However, the volume of messages is quite overwhelming (mainly the
fedora-list). Perhaps we could sub-divide fedora-list into fedora1-list,
fedora2-list, ...? Or maybe yarrow-list and then "whatever the code name
for FC2 is"-list as per previous RHL conventions?

"Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
mhelios - www.fedoraforum.org 

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