2 SCSI Controllers

Frank Warnke frank at newspapersystems.com
Thu Apr 29 13:42:13 UTC 2004

Götz Reinicke wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an Dell PE 1650 Server with an internal perc 3/di SCSI RAID 
> Controller hosting a RAID 1 and an Adaptec 29160 Controller hosting an
> external Hardware RAID-Box.
> If I boot, and try to install Fedora, the external RAID is seen as
> the internal RAID as sdb.
> How can I change this order, so that the internal RAID is sda and the 
> external RAID is sdb? Any ideas?
> Regards
> Götz Reinicke
I had a similar problem on a Dell PE600SC and Red Hat v9.

In order for the Dell CERC (megaraid) device to be /dev/sda, I
had to set the an option in the CMOS;

  Setup CMOS Hard-Disk Drive Sequence

  1. System BIOS boot devices
  2. Slot3: CERC ATA-100/4ch (bus 00 dev 05)
  3. Slot5: 3ware Storage Controller

Moving the cards around and setting the above options did not make a
difference to what the POST saw.  Linux, however, did notice a
difference when I configured the above CMOS options.  By default, the
3ware card was being seen before the Megaraid by Linux. 

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