Network Card SMC2635W (ADM8211 Chipset) Setup

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Thu Apr 29 18:52:04 UTC 2004

Ian Wallace said:

> I've downloaded the driver source from ADMtek and compiled it using the
> kernel sources for the kernel I'm running (2188.nptl).  That works ok,
> and when I pop in the card I can see in /var/log/messages that it
> recognizes the card, and loads the 8211 driver.

ha!  HA HA HA!  someone *else* shares my pain.

i have a belkin nic that has the admtek chipset, the 103 drivers work for
about 30 minutes and then the nic is unresponsive, retsarting the network
helps for about 15 minutes.  i'm testing 105, which seems to be alot

if you have a wired nic and a wireless in the machine, you NEED to
configure two ifcfg-eth* files, as fedora doesn't seem to do it with this

now, what you need to check is this in your ifcfg-eth0 file (the one for
your wireless nic)


for your wireless nic put in the HWADDRESS="" line, inserting your
hardware MAC/ETHERNET address in there

make sure you have an ifcfg-eth1 for your wired nic, and add the
HWADDRESS="" line for that also.

also, if you're using the wireless as your default route out to the world,
get rid of the GATEWAY="" line in your wire'd nic's ifcfg-eth1 file

now, check your /etc/modules.conf and make sure that the appropriate
module is listed there for your different nics (my wired nic is natsemi)

alias eth0 8211
alias eth1 natsemi

now, i don't know if the gui tools work well taking care of this, the
machine i did this on is only a p200 with 96mb of ram, and i didn't feel
like waiting an hour for things to load.


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