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duncan brown duncanbrown at linuxadvocate.net
Thu Apr 29 18:55:47 UTC 2004

Mike Hogsett said:
> Why do I get this behaviour?  I run `yum list' and get a list of
> updated packages, but if I run `yum update' or `yum upgrade' I claims
> there are no updates available.

from the yum manpage:

       list   can be used to list various information  about  available 
              ages;  more  complete  details are available in the List
              section below.

now, what you're seeing isn't available upgraes, just what's available to
install...  also, take note of the archetectures of the packages you're
seeing... glibc and kernel are arch specific... i'm guessing you're on an
i686 platform, not 386/athlon/586, which are what those upgrades are for.

and you also installed everything when you did you rinitial install, eh?

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