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Tom Diehl tdiehl at
Thu Apr 29 20:39:27 UTC 2004

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:

> > Or grab the EXIM book (I hear that's going to be the default MTA for
> > FC2)

I doubt it will be the default. It is included but not the default. Like it
or not the diehard sendmail people in Red Hat will not change to something
other than sendmail as the default.

> Postfix will still be available, right?

I think there would be a revolt if they tried to drop postfix. Having said that
it does not really matter. As long as Simon Mudd keeps producing postfix rpms
you can always drop them in. Simon has been supporting postfix on Red Hat for
a long time before Red Hat actually included it. Red Hat's postfix rpms were
originally based on Simon's. 

Of course since I do not work for Red Hat this is just speculation on my part.
Anything is possible but...


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