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Doug Robson cdrobsonjr at
Fri Apr 30 06:29:36 UTC 2004

Kind helpers,

I just upgraded to Fedora Core 2, Test 3 and then
tried the nVidia
installer using the --add-this-kernel, followed by
Everything seemed to run to completion without error.
But when I booted up to run level 5 (graphic mode), as
as the optical mouse light lit, normally the time when
I get the
nVidia splash screen alerting the successful starting
of X and the gdm,
all I get is a black screen. The computer is hung at
this point.
Ctl-Alt-Backspace will not yield a text login prompt.
Only a
hardware reset will unfreeze the CPU.

Looking in my /var/log/Xorg0.log tells me that:
Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module.

Any Fedora users having made it successfully to Test
3, just released,
please advise what I may have overlooked.

All help appreciated.

P.S. Please carbon copy my e-mail address cdrobsonjr at

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