The easiest way to migrate to another (bigger) hard drive?

WipeOut wipe_out at
Fri Apr 30 07:05:21 UTC 2004

Rick Stevens wrote:

> Or (on the existing system):
>     # cd /
>     # tar cvpP -x /dev -x /proc -f /dev/st0 *
> And on the new system, install the the system and
>     # tar xvpPkf /dev/st0
> It's clunky, but it works--assuming the new system is already bootable.
> Yup.  Sure is.

Hi Rick,

This may actually work..

Just one issue unless I am missing something..

In the restore you used a "k" option to keep existing files and not 
overwrite them.. Does this mean that for example all the existing files 
in /etc would not be restored? which would mean all user accounts and 
custom settings would not be available on the new drive.. Also all logs 
/var/log/* would not be restored either..

I guess they would have to be restored manually.. :(


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