J.L. Coenders fedora at
Fri Apr 30 14:38:47 UTC 2004

> Does the corruption happen with different sources to tar/gzip/bzip2?

I am now testing some other sources. It seems to happen with large files.

> Does while archiving in verbose mode appear any error message?

No, the archiving itself does not give any messages. The testing does.

> What are the commands you run?

$ tar cvzf mail.tar.gz Mail
$ tar cvjf mail.tar.bz2 Mail

For the testing I use:
$ tar tvzf mail.tar.gz
$ tar tvjf mail.tar.bz2

> Compression errors often occurs because of bad/damaged RAM.

I do not seem to have other problems, which you would expect with bad or 
damaged RAM. 


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