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On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 01:59:13PM -0400, James Drabb wrote:
> James Drabb wrote:
> >Hey group,
> >
> >I am runing FC2 with kernel 2.6.7-1.  My system is an Athlon 2800+, 
> >512MB 400MHz DDR and an ATA 133 drive.  When I try to burn an audio file 
> >with cdrecord, the system becomes very unresponsive while the disk is 
> >being burnt.  top show only about 2% CPU usage, yet the mouse is very 
> >jerky and doing any tasks during the burn are very, very slow (normally 
> >the system is very fast).
> <snip>
> No one has any experience with something like this?  Does anyone else 
> have a similar issue?  My mobo is an NForce2 based MSI K7N2.
> Does anyone have an suggestions on how I might go about trying to see 
> what is causing the problems?  Could it be the drivers for the mobo?  I 
> do notice that the reverse engineered forcedeth driver for the NVidia 
> nic has some issues.  For example, sometimes when I boot (espcially a 
> cold boot), I cannot get to the net from my cable modem, nothing I try 
> has seemed to work.  However, if I reboot in to WinXP and the reboot 
> right into FC2, the forcedeth driver works like a champ.
> Should I look into newer versions of these drivers?  Maybe CVS versions?
> Thanks for any help on this,
I would forget about cdrecord and use xcdroast. It is more pleasant
to use, has a gui interface, and allows you to control the process more
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