Nifty Hat Mitch <mitch48 at> emails hang my mail client

James Ronald jronald at
Mon Aug 2 22:56:10 UTC 2004

Every message posted by Nifty Hat Mitch <mitch48 at> hangs when
getting mail from my ISPs mail server.  After logging on using Web mail and
deleting all his messages I'm then able to continue getting my mail.  Anyone
else having this problem? Yes, I'm using outlook express and I've tried
outlook and it fails in the same way.  My ISP does not have a clue as they
claim it's a spam or virus problem.  Any ideas?  Is it Mitch's mail client
or my ISP?  I know it couldn't be a MS issue ;-)

I am not picking on Mitch he has been great in trying to assist with the

Much thanks!!
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