Moving FC1 - how do I specify new swap partition ?

Thiers Botelho thiers at
Tue Aug 3 14:39:05 UTC 2004

Hi all,


        I'm moving an (outdated) FC1 installation from a cramped, old 
workstation to a brand-new one.

        Previous one was a dual-boot with Win 2K, new one will be a 
dual-boot with Win XP.

        I'm using partimage from a live CD (System Rescue) to load 
partition images generated on the old system into pre-created empty ext3 
partitions on the new system.

        Partitions being moved are **/boot** and **/** .

        Partition layout on new system is a bit different from old system.

        Swap partition was freshly created on new system (used Partition 
Magic 8.01 under Win XP).


        How do I inform FC1 about the currrent location of the swap 
partition ? 

        I recall having read (somewhere - ???, sometime ago . . .) that in 
such cases the swap partition would be automatically detected and used. If 
such is the case, a confirmation would be gladly welcome.

Thanx all

Thiers Botelho
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