Inappropriate content in Fedora Core 2

netmask netmask at
Thu Aug 5 22:40:24 UTC 2004

> PC -> way to block free speech.

This is so OT for this list, but whatever..

Extreme PC is a bad thing..   Do I want to walk by some womans desk while 
she's showing the video of her birthing her first born to some co-workers? 
No.. i do not want to see that at work. It's work, keep it professional.

>> It's not what offends you.. it's what could even remotely possibly offend the
>> people around you..  yes, live in fear of the corporate of the world.
> You should really try to find another job. Good luck!

Why? I'm able to do my job just fine and be happy.. I don't gawk at the women 
at work, i don't violate their rights, they don't violate mine.

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