lmsesnors in 2.6 kernel

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Aug 6 01:56:16 UTC 2004

Am Fr, den 06.08.2004 schrieb Andrew Konosky um 3:35:

> Okay, I set it up and have the two hdd temps 80 F, a "temp1" which I am 
> guessing is the cpu, but it is reading 260 F!! , 2 fans @ 1000rpm, so 
> they must be case fans, and my voltage readings, which are pretty good. 
> I know I have a sensor to monitor cpu and hs fan speeds because I have a 
> monitor in windows.
> The cpu temp has to be wrong or it would have burned up by now, but I am 
> going to check in windows to see what I should be getting. I should have 
> a ~4000rpm fan speed on the HS fan too. I didn't even know my case fans 
> had sensors, but I have 3 of the same fans and only 2 readings....

Seems you didn't read much documentation. You obviously need to adjust
/etc/sensors.conf file.


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