Missing checkerboard on startx problem

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri Aug 6 03:08:55 UTC 2004

On Thursday 05 August 2004 14:49, Nifty Hat Mitch wrote:
>On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 01:35:07AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Tuesday 03 August 2004 22:05, Etanisla Lopez-Ortiz wrote:
>> >*snip*
>> >
>> >> Other people find the checkerboard annoying.
>> >
>> >*snip*
>> >
>> >Also, for some people, the checkerboard is a seizure trigger...
>> ??? seizure trigger ??? as in epilepsy?  Or just a fit of apoplexy
>> from seeing it?  The latter seems like a personal problem, the
>> former a recommendation to raise the dosage of dilantin a wee bit.
>Gark.... please do not prescribe drugs....  ;-(
>If you were the officer of a company a company and you could be in
>court for just such a remark.  Note that I did see your smiley face
>in between the lines that others might miss.

I have had personal experience with an epileptic friend that I based 
the remark on.  Her dosage was more or less left up to her husband, 
who had permission to give her an extra pill if her pettite seisures 
were often enough to impact her safety.  I personally never saw her 
in Grande Mall, but I understand she did have one very occasionally.

>Epilepsy, migraines, color blindness, blindness, monitor frequency
>sensitivity and other "personal limitations" are not fun if they
>impact you.

No doubt.  But, IMO, they are probably treatable with the exception of 
the color vision.  In fact, I've occasionally wished I was color 
blind because really excellent night vision goes with color 
blindness.  I have 2 long term friends who cannot read a single 
number in the std color blind quick test booklet used by school 
teachers to screen students.  I'm looking out at a black night, and 
they are seeing their grey tabby cat walking across the yard as plain 
as day.  And it gets worse with age, to the point I'd druther not 
drive at night now (I'm 69), all because I do have excellent color 
vision.  Monitor frequencies generally are 31khz and up, often way 
up.  But OTOH, while I can't "hear" them, there certainly is a sort 
of high pressure feeling I get in whats left of my ears when the 
monitors come on.  And this ones running at 71khz!  I also "hear" 
those acoustic motion sensor burglar alarms that run at about 42khz, 
well enough I have to clear the area in a few minutes or suffer 
extreme tinnitus for hours.  But then I've had mild tinnitus for 35 
years.  I've worn out 3, 30 calibre rifle barrels and one 22-250 at 
the target range without any ear muffs in the early years of that.  

Yes, I can spell dumb.  :-)

>One of the good things about the open source community is that
> things like this can and are being addressed.  This is happening in
> Linux, Linux applications and Gnu-tools without well intentioned
> but stupid legislation.

I don't recall legislation was in the subject, but leave it to the 
ACLU and they'll probably introduce something so poorly written as to 
be totally off the wall in real life.

Mmm, seems we've wandered waayyy off topic, sorry list.

Cheers, Gene
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