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A.J. Bonnema abonnema at
Fri Aug 6 05:43:39 UTC 2004

Micheal wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 00:10, A.J. Bonnema wrote:
>>How can I force a copied file to always have u+w on? Is it one of the 
>>sticky bits or is it just not possible?
>>Asking this because often cd's have the w-bit off which can be quite 
>>annoying, because I have to change the w-bit on with chmod afterward.
>>btw I use mc to copy files (usually).
>>I run an updated FC2 system.
>>A.J. Bonnema, Leiden The Netherlands,
>>user #328198 (Linux Counter
> Via the great "man cp" ... 
> -p     same as --preserve= mode, ownership,
> timestamps                                                                                
> --preserve[=ATTR_LIST] preserve   the   specified   attributes  
> (default:  mode,owner-ship,timestamps) and security contexts, if 
> possible  additional attributes: links, all
> This should do it for you
> HTH 
> Micheal

Hi Michael,

Thanks for you answer, but I need the opposite. I want the write 
attribute to be set even if the original file does not have the write 
attibute set, depending on the target directory.


A.J. Bonnema, Leiden The Netherlands,
user #328198 (Linux Counter

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