Inappropriate content in Fedora Core 2

Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at
Fri Aug 6 18:16:03 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 09:04 -0700, Mike Ramirez wrote:
> Xcuse the past post it was a miss click, me bad. 
> But this wouldn't be a problem if people didn't feel the need to sue
> over the littlest observed slight.  
> Trivial situations as the screensaver shouldn't be a problem big enough
> for anyone to get outraged about and feel they must complain.  Just fix
> it to what they need.
> We need a middle ground on these types of situations because everyone is
> has different opinions as seen in this topic. This middle ground has to
> accepted by everyone and not think that their opinion is the absolute
> correct one.

I agree, I wish people were not so litigious in this country; but it is
as it is and while I don't mind pushing the limits of decency at times,
I like to at least be aware that I am pushing the limits.

The problem here is that what was probably inserted as a cute little
joke could have ramifications on a corporate user, not necessarily
because the user is affected, but because some easily-offended coworker
sees a screensaver that the user did not even know contained such
material. And, yes this is Fedora and not Red Hat Enterprise; but I use
Fedora Core 2 at work, not Red Hat Enterprise, and if it's going to have
something that might offend someone's delicate sensibilities, I'd like
to know so that I can decide whether or not to take appropriate
measures. Something akin to having to manually use the "-o" option to
fortune to get the offensive fortunes, would be fine with me. It's hard
enough to keep my Linux box below the Corporate IT radar, it doesn't
help to have the words "penis" and "vagina" displayed on-screen when I'm
not even around (now then, when I am around...)

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