[FC2] Can I disable these "unnecessnary" services?(a bit long)

akonstam at trinity.edu akonstam at trinity.edu
Mon Aug 9 22:20:32 UTC 2004

I indicated below my advice ion thise I know something about. Opinions
may differ.

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 03:35:28PM -0400, Patrick Chiang wrote:
> Hi,
> Almost all people will suggest me to turn off those unnecessnary
> services after installation, but what kind of services should be
> considered as "uncessnary"?
> After doing some study, I list what I think about the services and
> hopefully someone can kindly correct my comments :)
> ----
> 1.acpid,apmd
>   Power Management Service.
>   If this computer is a desktop = turn off (assume we have a UPS)
>   if this is a laptop, keep it
yes turn it off.
> 2.cpuspeed
>   Adjust CPU speed, those PC with speed-adjustable CPUs should have it.
>   (Usually installed on a laptop?)
turn it off.
> 3.dc_client, dc_Server
>   Should be turned on if PC is one of multiple web servers with SSL 
> 4.Irqbalance
>   Should be enabled if you have multiple processors.
> 5.mdmonitor,mdmpd
>   Should be turned on if you have a software disk array.
yes can be turned off if no Raid is present.
> 6.messagebus
>   if this pc had installed KDE/GNOME...
> 7.microcode_ctl
>   if your processor is pentium-class and higher(Pentium 60-200 is not
> included). AMD,Cyrix,VIA and those 64-bit processors are not included
> either)
> 8.netplugd
>   if you don't like your FC2 configure your network automatically after
> network is restored, you can have this service disabled.
> 9.random
> Used to generate random numbers...leave it alone?
> A.rawdevices
> Used for SCSI or some special purpose application, like Datbase Server?
I think I would keep this,
> Don't know :(
> B.readahead, readahead_early
>   Those two services can help FC2 improve its performance by load some
> program in advance.
Looks useful
> C.services?
> Don't know whtat this means...
Do you mean service:
service allows your to start and stop services in the init.d
directory. Like: sendamail stop

services is a file in /etc/ that tells which port various services
> D.sgi_fam
> SGI's File alteration monitor
> Help some applications to notify user or other programs about the
> changes.Maybe disabled if your pc is a text_based server???
I always wondered why one needs sgi.fam. It is a mystery.
> -------
> Thanks for any suggestions...
> Patrick

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