Big trouble with XP && FC2

limaunion limaunion at
Thu Aug 12 03:04:36 UTC 2004

Clifford Snow wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 17:35, limaunion wrote:
>>Hi there!
>>Yesterday I had some big trouble while upgrading M$ XP to SP2, so I 
>>decided to recreate the partition and install it again from scratch.
>>This notebook has the following partitions/OS (hda1=XP, hda2,3=FC2):
>>   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
>>/dev/hda1               1       21451    10811272+   7  HPFS/NTFS
>>/dev/hda2           21452       21660      104422+  83  Linux
>>/dev/hda3           21660       38553     8514450   83  Linux
>>/dev/hda4           38553       38760      104422+  82  Linux swap
>>Now when I try to boot from the XP CD as to proceed with the 
>>installation I have a blue screen just right after it starts booting 
>>(blue screen after displaying something like it will perform a hw check).
> Could it be that SP2 screwed up?  I'm holding off applying SP2 until I
> hear more.  MS is even giving corporation instruction on how to prevent
> users from upgrading before the company is ready!  I read that IT folks
> are worried about the quality, as they should, of SP2.  
>>I think that this problem could be related to the famous FC2 bug (?), 
>>but how can I solve this ? I don't want to also have to reinstall FC2...
> You didn't say if you could boot to Fedora.  The problem as I understand
> it was not being able to boot into Fedora after installing FC2 in a dual
> boot configuration.  Nothing happened to XP.  
> Let us know if you can boot to Fedora.  
> I supposed if you can boot into Fedora, you might as well wipe the XP
> partition out and use it for Fedora <smile>  

Well, regarding SP2, my notebook suddenly froze while it was in the 
middle of the deployment, and yes, I can boot Fedora luckily without any 

I've made two different attempts, (1) I deleted /dev/hda1 with fdisk 
from FC2 and (2) deleted then created a new partion for hda1 type 7 
(NTFS) and in both cases I get the behavior described before (XP setup 
doesn't start)

Regards, LU.

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