2 questions

Phil Dybvig fedora at ducksoup.afree.net
Thu Aug 12 20:52:32 UTC 2004

>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:15:05 +0200
>From: Huub van Niekerk <v.niekerk at hccnet.nl>

>>>2: are the nVIDIA cards GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8x and GeForce MX400 PCI 
>>>supported on FC2 and if so: can you have them installed together, i.e. 
>>>in 1 computer?
>>They are supported by the nv driver of xorg-x11. 3D acceleration is only
>>supported by the closed source NVidia.com driver.
>>I would think both cards can be run together.

My NVIDIA card supports two monitors.  I had to add ``Screen 0'' to my Device
section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf to specify the first supported monitor on the 
card.  Presumably, a Device section with ``Screen 1'' would specify the second 
card.  I haven't used two monitors, but the driver seems to support two.  By the 
way, the linux discussion group on the NVIDIA site is probably a better source 
for this sort of information.

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