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Sat Aug 14 10:51:16 UTC 2004

short and with screenshots specifically for Fedora :

Le ven 13/08/2004 à 00:18, Timothy Murphy a écrit :
> Felix Mathais wrote:
> > Where could I find good instructions how to recompile and install the
> > kernel if I need to compile in additional modules? I never done this
> > before. Until now I was happy using the stock kernel, but reading the
> > ansers from my previos post with the tulip module, I might need to
> > recompile the kernel.
> People make a great issue of this, but I think it is fairly straightforward.
> First get the source, say /usr/src/linux-2.6.7
> Then go to this directory and say "make oldconfig xconfig".
> Now you have to go through a rather tedious list of choices,
> but 90% of them are not relevant, and can just be passed by.
> Then save the config - it will be saved as .config ,
> and I would keep a copy of this, as it saves a lot of time
> if you load an old config (there is an option to do this).
> Then say "make bzImage; make modules",
> and as root "make modules_install; make install".
> Then when you re-boot the new kernel should be added to the choice.
> If it doesn't work you can always use the old one.
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