Weird mouse cursor problem after installing XFCE4

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at
Sun Aug 15 00:31:24 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 19:12, Andrew Konosky wrote:
> I installed XFCE from source and then added the /etc/X11 files to put it 
> into the sessions menu, and the desktop works with no errors, but my 
> mouse cursor is acting funny now. When I log in for the first time on 
> any desktop program, it is fine, but when I log out, the cursor is 
> displayed in one spot, but the system thinks it is slightly up and to 
> the left or right. It 'moves' differently every time, and I have to move 
> the cursor around a button until I see it highlight because just 
> pressing it won't work! Sometimes it goes away when I log in, sometimes 
> not until I log out, and sometimes I have to restart X to get rid of it, 
> but it keeps messing up and is pissing me off!
> I tried removing the /etc/X11 entries I made to take XFCE4 out of the 
> sessions menu, but that didn't do any good. The only other thing I 
> modified was the rpm installation for dbh-1.0. The xffm and xcalendar 
> packages wouldn't compile because I didn't have bdh-1.0, but I did an 
> rpm -qa|grep bdh and found it was installed, so I unistalled it then 
> reinstalled it, then the packages compiled.
> For some reason, I don't know if it is related or not, my rcd red-carpet 
> daemon just stopped working and started crashing, so I uninstalled and 
> reinstalled the rpms, then started the rcd daemon with 
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/rcd start, and now it works again...
> I hope I didn't screw something up with the XFCE4 install, but I spent 
> half an hour compiling the huge amounts of source code, so I don't want 
> to uninstall it right away until I figure out what is wrong. How should 
> I go about fixing this?


If you are going to use the CVS version of XFCE4, you should be prepared
for some level of instability. It is a pre-release version and some
things may not work or may not work fully. The fact that you are using
RC may introduce some new issues, as I am not aware of anyone using the
CVS version of XFCE and RC together. Then again, that may only be a red

If you want to continue to use CVS, may I suggest that you subscribe to
the xfce4-dev list at:

where you can pose questions to the membership, which includes the key
developers. That way, if there are bugs, the reports get to the right

I did a search of the past few months of the archive and did not see any
posts relating to mouse issues. I have not had any mouse/cursor related
problems and for me, the CVS version has been fairly stable. That being
said, there are a few panel plug-ins that are not yet updated to the new
code base and may cause panel lockups, if they even build/install at
all. There is also the possibility that recent CVS commits could
introduce new issues. I have not updated in a few days.

If you would rather use a stable release version of XFCE4, remove the
CVS version and install the 4.0.6 RPMS using the instructions in the FN
article that I referenced earlier. 4.0.6 is the current release stable


Marc Schwartz

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