Samba problems

Matthias Bauw mailing-lists at
Sun Aug 15 21:45:55 UTC 2004


I am trying to connect my 2 windows 2000 pc's to my Linux Fedora Core 2
I have been trying all day but I made no progress.

The problem is that the windows pc's just don't see the Samba domain.

I have tried to ping the other pc's from my linux system but that 
doesn't work either. It seems like Linux doesn't see the other pc's.

When I start linux I get an error message when initialising eth0. The 
system says that it can't retrieve IP information. I have configured the 
network settings using setup in the terminal. I have configured it to 
use DHCP which is present and running on that same machine.

Can anyone find a reason why the windows pc is constantly saying that 
the domain doesn't exist?

thanks for the help


P.S.: I have already tried to switch to static IP adresses, the error 
message at startup disappears but the problems remain...

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