I have jst started using sendmail

Thom Paine thom at customnetworks.ca
Tue Aug 17 13:04:12 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 08:44, James Wilkinson wrote:
> khalil KHAMLICHI wrote:
> > I m new to linux world & all my previouse mail servers were ms exchange
> > servers. i jst installed a sendmail server & it seems to work fine after i
> > managed to tweak some config files ... now my last problem is how to allow
> > users who are using internet from thier homes or offices & who have accounts
> > on this mail server to use it to send mail bcos sendmail doesn't allow
> > relaying for them so far.
> There is a major trap for you to fall into here. Since you've been
> administering Exchange, you *probably* know about it, but I'll point it
> out anyway.
> *Don't*, whatever you do, set up sendmail so the whole world can relay
> through it without authentication (e.g. passwords or encryption). You
> *will* be found, spammers *will* use your server to send spam, you 
> *will* be blocked by various spammer lists and umpteen thousand irate
> postmasters, and you *should* be kicked by your ISP.

Tell your users to use their ISP as their default outgoing mail server.
That would be the easiest at this point I would think.

They can still pick up mail from you. (as long as your firewall allows


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