Fedora 2 won't boot

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Tue Aug 17 14:05:56 UTC 2004

Kellie Blackwell wrote:

> The reference to hde7 is a bit puzzling. I have two HDs. A DOS disk that
> contains the MBR and a linux disk. I believe that the DOS disk is hdc and
> the linux one hdd. /proc/partitions contains this:
> 22    0       20044080 hdc
> 22    1       20041056 hdc1
> 22    64    156290904 hdd
> 22    65                    1 hdd1
> 22    69              7969 hdd5
> 22    70          554211 hdd6
> 22    71      76228393 hdd7
> 7      0              73420 loop0
> So where did the hde7 reference come from?

I've no idea.
But on the face of it, the above suggests that your two disks
are on the second IDE controller,
with one as master and the other as slave.
Or maybe one of these is a CD drive?

I am no expert,
but I would first check if this is so
by running fdisk /dev/hda, fdisk /dev/hdb, etc,
and see which disks are where.

If in fact you have hdc and hdd,
I would try connecting them physically to the other ide controller.
Alternatively, there is probably a setting in the BIOS
to look at the second controller when booting.

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