HD Lost when install FC2

Dirk Wendland dirk.wendland at nexgo.de
Mon Aug 23 07:06:10 UTC 2004

Silver wrote:

> Hello,
> Me fedora has happened a tragic error when installing Core 2.  I 
> detail to
> you:
> I have a PC with 2 hard disks of 80 gb each one, in the primary one I 
> have
> 40 gb for Windows and other 40 gb for linux, and in the secondary disc 
> the
> 80 gb in ntfs for things, as programs and the things most important: 
> things
> of the university.  the partition I did with partition magic 8 and 
> without
> problems.  The problem arises when I went to install fedora core2, I 
> select
> to the partition/dev/hda, the 40 gb that I put for linux, I put the 
> point of
> assembly / and ext3 to it like File system and also I put to format 
> swap...
> All good, completes the installation, reboot the PC, go to grub and I 
> select
> linux to  prove it and and perfect everything, but the surprise later
> arrives when I return to reboot the PC and I enter Windows, I go to My 
> PC,
> and the secondary hard disk,  that 80 gb for programs, things of
> university..., had disappeared, but in the bios and  in the 
> administrator of
> discs appeared the hard disk. But the administrator of discs puts, File
> system:  Assigned, and it is as if the file system had erased, because 
> I do
> not believe that it had been formated because it had seen it , the 
> case is
> that in that hard disk I had the important things of the university 
> and I do
> not have backup so I must recover it.  Somebody can say to me that it is
> what I can make to recover those archives?  in the worse one of the 
> cases, I
> would send my hard disk to some laboratory of data to restore it...
> A greeting and thanks in advance.
You can try to mount the filesystem with Linux

make an mount point for example

cd /mnt
mkdir safe
mount -t ntfs /dev/hdb1 /mnt/sicherheit

I think the drive will be hdb1

If you don´t have ntfs support you can also download at


then you can read from ntfs

Hope this will help


Dirk Wendland
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