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jludwig wralphie at
Mon Aug 23 14:28:04 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 07:01, Oais Halim wrote:
> Dear fedora users,
>     I'm a new member of this group and would like some advice.
>     I've installed linux before on my computer but I recently
> purchased fedora core2 and started to install it but would kernel
> panic on default boot and lowres mode, when I tried text mode, after a
> few scrolls of text it would restart the computer and when I tried
> media check, it would restart again.
> please help me out here, I really want to try out fedora and move on
> from M¡©®0§oƒT products...
> thanks and regards
> Oais.
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I have had issues in the past with cdroms. 

1) Try moving your cdrom to the secondary IDE channel.

2) Try a different (newer) cdrom.

3) Do the memtest (on the boot disk).
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