route (is it forwarding packets?) (sorry if duplicate).

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Wed Aug 25 16:03:05 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 11:22, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 09:27, Scot L. Harris wrote:
> > The first time I saw it I went on a hunt checking for rootkits and
> > tunnels.  I still don't understand why this is even included.  I have
> > yet to hear of a system starting up with no information and
> > automatically get network connectivity.  Other than generating a lot of
> > questions by inquisitive people I can not find a benefit in this
> > "service".  
> The idea is that an idiot can plug a few machines into an
> isolated network hub/switch and they will come up able to
> talk to each other with some broadcast name resolution scheme
> like netbios.  However, nobody really wants to do that these
> days because you need DNS and something to NAT you to a public
> address to get on the internet.  And if you have that, it will
> also be smart enough to hand out working addresses via DHCP.
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I understand the concept, but have not heard of anyone, not even a
rumor, that anyone has ever made use of such a service.  You are correct
about wanting Internet access and having a router that doles out the
DHCP is pretty much the default.  

If anyone has used this or even knows the brother of a friend who may
have used it once let us know.  I personally think this one was dead
before arrival.

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