Linux-friendly ISPs?

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Thu Aug 26 18:04:34 UTC 2004

Adam Boettiger wrote:
> Do any of the major ISPs offer dialup or broadband access that is 
> compatible with Linux?
> I searched and all I came up with were hosting account providers, not 
> connectivity.

The actual connection between your machine and the ISP is essentially
transparent.  If you use cable or DSL, the appropriate modem makes
the connection and will hand you an IP using DHCP.  DHCP is DHCP
regardless of what OS you run, despite what the ISP may tell you.

Using dial-up, it rather depends on whether the ISP requires some
funky private negotiation to log on.  Most ISPs worth their salt use
a standard PPP protocol to do the work.  You log in using a standard
username/password sequence, get your IP and away you go.

Personally, I use Road Runner broadband on Time/Warner cable.  I have
the hideously ugly "shark fin" cable modem feeding a D-Link 614 wireless
router/switch and Linux all the way.  Linux works fine even without
the router.
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