Problem with sound volume

Julien Olivier julo at
Fri Aug 27 08:42:55 UTC 2004


I've just installed FC2, and immediately upgraded it to yesterday's

Apart from a few glinches that I've reported to bugzilla, I'm
experiencing a strange bug.

My laptop is a Fujitsu/Siemens Lifebook S6210. It doesn't have any
hardware way to control the sound volume. So, I tried to change the
volume using the "Volume Control" applet, but it failed.

I went to the applet's preferences and changed the audio channel from
"volume" to "PCM". After that, I could control the volume.

Later on, I noticed that my laptop had special keys to control the
volume. As expected, they didn't work right out of the box.

So, I opened the "keyboard shortcuts" preferences and associated said
keys to the "volume mute", "volume down" and "volume up" sound

After pressing the keys, a graphic appeared of my screen showing that I
was muting, pumping down or pumping up the volume. The only problem is
that those functions control the "volume" channel, not the "PCM"
channel, and are - consequently - useless for me.

So, my questions are:
 - Why can't I change the volume by controlling the "volume" channel ?
Is it a bug that should be filed ? Against which package ? Or is it a
hardware limitation that can't be detected ?
 - Is there a way to change the action of the "volume mute", "volume
down", "volume up" keyboard shortcuts so that they control the "PCM"
channel instead of "volume" channel.

Thanks !

Julien Olivier <julo at>

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