'Operation not permitted' on firewire/NTFS external HD

CB fedoralist at crispin.cb-ss.net
Tue Aug 31 08:53:45 UTC 2004

Paul Howarth wrote:

> http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/info/ntfs.html#3.2
> 3.2 Can the Driver write to an NTFS volume, too?
> Not really, but if you only need to copy files from Linux to Windows on
> a dual-boot machine, see "How to write to NTFS" below for a possible way
> to work around the lack of write support. For write support in Linux,
> read on. 
> There are two drivers, currently. The original driver, in 2.4 has some
> write code in it, but it is extremely dangerous to use it. The
> possibility of destroying your filesystem is very high. 
> The new driver, introduced in 2.5.11, has some write code, but it's very
> limited. The driver can overwrite existing files, but it cannot change
> the length, add new or delete existing files. 
> Adding write support will take a long time. NTFS is built like a
> database. Any changes you make, necessitate making changes in many
> places, for consistancy. Make a mistake and the filesystem will be
> damaged, make too many mistakes and the filesystem will be destroyed.
> Paul.

Thanks for the reference.

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