LKM Trojan

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at
Wed Dec 1 00:20:53 UTC 2004

david walcroft wrote:

> Would these be a 'false positive' or for real and if so how do I
> confirm and remove any infected process/trojan
>  Thanks   david

There's a high chance that these are false positives... Run chkrootkit 
with the verbose option and it'll show the PID of the processes...
Then , check the /proc/$PID/ directory.. the "status" file will give u 
the program name... and the other files (specially environ and cmdline) 
will give more details.
and for the path of the file , check the symlink "exe" in that folder..

I used to have lots of false positives , so I just quit using chkrootkit 
(as my machine isnt all that sensitive and I secured it the best I can..)..

Pedro Macedo

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