Crossover Office Standard

Shawn javajunkie at
Wed Dec 1 05:38:35 UTC 2004

> Nathan Low wrote:
> > I'm new to this operating system.  Please be patient. 
> > I asked you a few times about this.  Can someone help
> > me on this problem.
> > 
> > I bought this software so I can download my Windows
> > programs.  I tried to download the program, but it is
> > corrupted and I tried several times with the same
> > result.  It keeps asking me if I want to open the
> > program in emacs or another program.

Well AFAIK (and I do not use that program) you can not open it with
another program but rather have to install it:



or if you are not even getting it downloaded, try saving it when you
download and not opening it directly from the site.  Then install.

Shawn <javajunkie at>

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