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Dave Roberts ldave at
Wed Dec 1 06:19:10 UTC 2004

I finally upgraded from FC1 to FC3, skipping FC2 along the way.
Naturally, I ran into the new, ahem, "spatial" Nautilus behavior. I just
figured I would vent here a bit and say that this interface is straight
out of 1990. This behavior sucked on the Mac, sucked on Windows 3.0, and
still sucks today. It was only suitable on the original Macintosh, ala
1984, where people had only floppy drives with a maximum of 10 folders
and about the same number of actual files. Anything beyond that, the
paradigm seriously breaks down. The guy who brought this back and then
justified it with this crap about how it's better for new users should
be taken out behind the woodshed and beaten with a thick usability

Further, I was horrified that, while there is a switch to actually turn
this behavior off and do the sensible thing, it's buried so deep down in
GConf as to be totally hidden from any mere mortal without access to
this email list. At a minimum, I would have expected a clean "disable
stupid spatial mode" checkbox in the Nautilus preferences.

Anyway, if there's some petition I could sign to tell whatever powers
that be that they really, really, really screwed this one up, please
point me at it.

And yes, I know this was covered in extreme detail several months ago.
I'm late to the party, but just needed some cathartic release.

Dave Roberts <ldave at>

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