Selecting a window manager

Paul Michael Reilly pmr at
Wed Dec 1 17:45:43 UTC 2004

Why does Gnome (and Fedora) not have a Window Manager preference 
selector?  I can kind of understand why Fedora would not distribute some 
Window managers that do not comply with the things that a distributor 
would like a good citizen window manager to comply with.  But surely 
there is more than one good choice and hence it would be a good to allow 
Users to choose alternatives to Metacity.  And to be able to add a 
window manager to that chooser.  Having to simultaneously kill one WM 
while starting up another on the command line seems so twentieth 
century.  I have a hunch this might be as much a political issue as a 
technical issue, but I could be wrong. :-)

FWIW, I've used Metacity now for a month or so, since FC3 came out, and 
it is OK but I sorely miss the sawfish Moondome theme (which cannot be 
done for Metacity as near as I can tell) and the "resize to max 
(vertical or horizontal) and lock" operation.  Are there any FC3 users 
who are still using sawfish without hassle?


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