Fedora Core 3 can't detect a DVD.

Erik P. Olsen erik at epo.dk
Wed Dec 1 23:52:25 UTC 2004

I can see from the archive that FC3 has severe problems with DVDs. I
have, however, not seen any message desribing my problem with DVDs.

Whenever I insert a DVD FC3 mounts it as a CD-ROM and consequently it is
displayed as empty. The DVD in question is the downloaded FC3
installation DVD. And it is correctly burnt because I have installed FC3
from it. I discovered the problem with I wanted to update my FC3 system
with an additional function and after it requested the DVD (actually CD
no. 2) it wasn't able to read the DVD. Later I just inserted the DVD to
see how it would be mounted and that's where I saw it mounted as a CD-

I don't think I missed anything in the installation of FC3 I just wonder
if there is anything I can do to make my FC3 system detect the DVD when
one is inserted. Perhaps I should report it to Bugzilla?

Erik P. Olsen

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