Fedora Extras is extra

Erik Kjær Pedersen erik at binghamton.edu
Thu Dec 2 03:07:41 UTC 2004

Onsdag 01 december 2004 21:41 skrev Jeff Vian:
> Exactly..  Packages from FC were being modified by an update from
> fedora.us

The thing that I think is missing from this discussion is the most basic 
question: Who do you trust?
I have been using freshrpms for a very long time, and I have very good 
experiences with them. I trust kde-redhat I trust dags repository because I 
have used them a long time and they have proved to be trustworthy.
My feelings towards redhat are a little bit different. I feel they make a very 
solid basic system which is the reason i am staying with them. They let me 
down very badly by interrupting their support for sun machines leaving us 
high and dry with no upgrade path, and they sort of did the same in the 
redhat line, but that is hopefully being filled in by fedora.
I am not going to go away from repositories that have proved to be trustworthy 
to become more dependent on a company that has proved not to be completely 
trustworthy at least.
I typically start using a new repository when there is some program, I can not 
find another place. I have once used a repository that I found to be a little 
to experimantal for my taste so I backed out of it again.
The "don't mix repositories" website is in some sense saying "Trust us, not 
them", but they have not given us a real good reason for that so far.


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