fedora-list Digest, Vol 10, Issue 21 -17. Re: LKM Trojan (david walcroft) (david walcroft)

Philippe Lasfargues philippe.lasfargues at tele2.fr
Thu Dec 2 09:52:34 UTC 2004

No (sorry) for your question, but may be you need to update in line  
before... if not already do.

in terminal:
rkhunter --update
Running updater...

Mirrorfile /var/rkhunter/db/mirrors.dat rotated
Using mirror http://www.rootkit.nl/rkhunter
[DB] Mirror file                      : Up to date
[DB] MD5 hashes system binaries       : Up to date
[DB] Operating System information     : Up to date
[DB] MD5 blacklisted tools/binaries   : Up to date
[DB] Known good program versions      : Up to date
[DB] Known bad program versions       : Up to date


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