Shutdown in one step?

Gustavo Seabra seabra at
Fri Dec 3 05:43:01 UTC 2004

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

> Andrew Choens wrote:
>>> Actually, I'm using KDE now and, when I click logout it gives me the 
>>> choices to:
>>> 1) Logout
>>> 2) Turn off computer
>>> 3) Restart computer
>>> 4) Cancel.
>> Well that's really cool.  I'm so glad to see that KDE and Gnome are
>> starting to get the integration game going more than I thought.  As this
>> continues I think we will start to see many things improve in terms of
>> consistency.  Both projects have good ideas.
> Actually, as I recall now the steps I took, it's just not as simple: 
> KDE doesn't seem to be high priority for the Fedora developers, so 
> they don't have the KDE updated by default. I had to update my KDE 
> from the repos:
> kde-stable.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ :
> [kde-fedora-stable]
> (fedora)
> baseurl=$releasever/stable
> Then, even though up2date said my system was up-to-date (by default it 
> only checks the "official" repos), `yum update`  found tons of KDE 
> updates. One of them probably gave me this logout options. (The logout 
> menu also changed, and now has an image of Konki, the dragon :-)
> I hope that helps.
You'll also need to intall the gpg key:

rpm -ivh

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