Fedora Extras is extra

Alex White prata at kuei-jin.org
Fri Dec 3 16:19:52 UTC 2004

Scott wrote:
> Um.. research?
> Actually,  I was aware of FreshRPMS *before* I was aware of  Fedora.us 
> (thanks to a book I'd been reading on Linux/Fedora Core).  Most of what 
> I've picked up on Fedora though has been after I installed it and just 
> started scouring the net for information.   I've developed quite an 
> extensive list or bookmarks related to Fedora and (obviously) found and 
> made use of this mailing list.

Scott, could you do me a favor and pass along those bookmarks to 
me? I have a slew of bookmarks myself but I'd like to compare if 
at all possible. The truly obvious ones like, tldp.org and what 
not can be omitted if you're interested in sharing those resources.


Alex White

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