etiquette question

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Tue Dec 7 00:34:09 UTC 2004

MJang wrote:

>I realise that it's important when asking a new question - or starting a
>new issue - to email direct to the list (i.e. fedora-list at
>This avoids the "hijacked thread" problem.
>Similarly, it's best to "reply" to answer a question, to keep the
>message within the thread.
>However, I'm on digest, and am not sure how to do this properly, when
>answering a question. I'm guessing a reply direct to the digest won't
>maintain the thread.
That's why I don't like digests. They are more trouble than they are 
worth.  Nothing beats good filters.    Once upon a time when I was on a 
mailing list in digest form, I'd simply change the subject line to match 
what I was replying to.  Then I'd carefully cut out everything that 
wasn't applicable to the one (out of 20 or 30 messages) I was responding to.

It's a bit clumsy though. And even in that case they don't always thread 


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