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Wed Dec 8 11:32:11 UTC 2004

Thanks all,
The domain is
I am using DSL router (Efficient Network 6200 (siemens) and I can not get in from outside using
IP addresse.
Of course I have opened the ports using the in build templates for SMPTP, WEB, FTP (NAPT), to accept these protocols from outside to their respective servers.

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> Objet : DNS with classeless IP address in FC3
> Hello every one,
> I always have been Microsoft oriented with all whistles and bells around it, until I have discovered Fedora to admit that I have been loosing my time AND MONEY in Microsoft.
> I have installed Fedora C2 and was getting a lot of troubles until to discover that my problem is caused by my Asus motherboard. I then downloaded the fix for it and reinstalled without any trouble. Then I have made a new install using FC3
> Now, I have got a PB with fedora, which I think is cased by my ISP not doing reverse resolution.
> I have registered a domain, lets say called *, relayed by registrar who is not my ISP. 
> Ftp, SMTP, www, pop3, etc are pointed to lets say a fixed IP address (IP address I am getting from my ISP).
> The command host, dig, nslookup all show that everything is correctly configured.
> I have configured an internal DNS as catching only using the dns I have been given by my registrar and using as well DNS of my ISP.
> However all incoming traffic, ftp and www seems to end up somewhere in my ISP network. It never reaches my IP address
> When the command nslookup is executed on my address, I got answer that it is for my ISP and not for my domain *
> I am using Fedora C3 and I believe everything works ok. From my network I can have access to my ftp server, my web server and can send e-mail as well and receive e-mail as well from my pop ISP account. However ftp and www from outside doe not work.
> Is there anyway to by pass this issue? Do you think it caused by the fact that there is no reverse resolution for my IP
> Any type/help will be welcomed!
> Also do you know why the “Ask Mr DNS” site is not accessible anymore?
> Many thanks in advance and,
> Kind regards
> Sid
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